Autism affects everyone.

Learn the early signs. Change the future.

Changing the Future

What if the signs of autism could be identified in an Infant?

“You could be among the lucky few whose child catches up on their own, but I’ve never been one to count on being in the 1%.  Hoping against hope that things resolve on their own is like hoping to win the lottery.” – Renee Travis

Physical Delays

Physical milestones that go by unmet – sitting up, rolling over, crawling, grasping things with fingers, passing objects between their hands.  These are all important physical milestones, and their absence or delay are important signs that something is amiss.

Repetative Play

Early signs of Autism can be seen in HOW children play with their toys and interact with their world.  Typically developing babies enjoy things, but their attention span is short and they quickly move on.  With autism, this is not the case.


The way a baby smiles at you, makes noises at you, looks at you, cries for attention, gestures for things, responds to your interactions – these are some of the many ways your baby is communicating with you on a daily basis.


1 in 189 girls are affected

Average age of diagnosis


1 in 43 boys are affected


Remain non-verval forever

"Please know that the earlier you start intervention the better."  Renee Travis

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